MHS cultural fit

Manchester Hospital School has created our cultural fit document to assist potential candidates in considering a role at the School.

teaching in hospital


  • We fully support initiatives from Public Health England including all vaccination programmes - all our staff need to be fully vaccinated and take part in annual booster programmes.
  • We believe that all staff have an important role to fulfil as we work towards achieving our vision.
  • We believe all children have the right to the best available education.
  • We believe it is a privilege to work here.
  • We believe our children and young people deserve to be taught by the best teachers in the profession.
  • We believe all teachers have a professional responsibility to improve their performance.
  • We believe in working as an effective team.
  • We look after each other and protect the reputation of the school.
  • We believe all children need a champion/advocate/key teacher.
  • We believe quality teaching is our core business and all staff contribute to this goal.
  • We believe literacy and numeracy skills are key building blocks for accessing the world in which we live.
  • We believe in educating the whole child.
  • We celebrate difference.
  • We expect everyone to show empathy and compassion.
  • When we get something wrong we say sorry and learn from our mistakes.
  • We don’t hold grudges.
  • We welcome new ideas and give feedback so that our school can grow and flourish.
  • We see a child as a learner, not just as a patient or someone with an illness.
  • We believe in working hard.
  • We are advocates for children and young people who are LGBTQ+.

It's important that all teachers at Manchester Hospital School are highly  adaptable in their working style.

You will be asked to teach in a wide range of environments, which could include in a school, virtually, ward and at a pupil’s home or community setting.

learning in hospital


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