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Manchester Hospital School works to ensure that any child who is unable to attend their own school due to ill health can continue to make progress in their education and to experience success,  removing any barriers to learning and supporting them in continuing their education journey. We work with children of all ages and abilities, often for a short duration of time, but sometimes over extended or repeat periods.

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The ability profile of learners is wide, with the vast majority broadly in line with learners in mainstream settings. However, we do also have some PMLD learners and those with special needs. We also teach young people with mental health and anxiety.

The school operates across a number of sites. Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (RMCH) is the largest single site children’s hospital in the country.

We also teach at the University Hospital of South Manchester in Wythenshawe.

The Leo Kelly School provides a dedicated learning environment for children and young people with specific health needs which cannot be met in any other settings.

We offer daily education provision at Galaxy House, a Tier 4 provision for children with mental health needs  based at RMCH.

The school also supports the Christie NHS Foundation Trust - the largest single site cancer centre in Europe.

We offer access to learning remotely to children who cannot attend either their own school or any of our locations.

The nature of our school population means that pupil numbers are not fixed but typically we teach approximately 100 pupils in RMCH; up to 70 attending the Leo Kelly School, up to 15 at Galaxy House and 16 at the Christie.

We currently employ around 60 staff and this current recruitment will grow this cohort by around 10% - it’s a major investment in the continued success of our school and creates an excellent foundation for further growth.

We work with schools across Manchester and beyond, offering advice and practical assistance on how they can best support any of their students who can no longer attend school for health reasons. We are a member of the National Association for Hospital Education (NAHE) and have built a national and international reputation as a beacon of excellence in our field. As a Hospital School, we are classed as a community special school because all of our young people have ill health; physical, mental or both.

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Contact Raymond Kelly or David Gooda on 01625 800862 to discuss any of our roles that are of interest to you.

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