About us

Manchester Hospital School provides education for children and young people who cannot attend their usual school because of their medical or mental health needs. We are a unique school with a national and international reputation for excellence in our field. As a Hospital School, we are classed as a community special school because all of our young people have ill health; physical, mental or both.

Our schools operate across a number of sites, teaching children of all ages and abilities. We also work with schools across Manchester and beyond, offering advice and practical assistance on how they can best support any of their students who can no longer attend school for health reasons.

We are one of the biggest children’s hospital schools in the country and play a major role on the national stage. We are one of the founding members of the National Association for Hospital Education.


Children at school learning

  • We teach at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital – with approximately 240 beds
  • We teach at Galaxy House – part of a CAMHS Tier 4 provision for young people with mental health issues, based at The Harrington Building, a 12-bed Unit
  • We teach at The Christie – We work with children who are undergoing Proton and Photon Beam Therapy in our bespoke classroom area
  • We teach at Wythenshawe Hospital – at the bedside
  • We teach at North Manchester General Hospital – at the bedside
  • We teach and run the Leo Kelly School
  • We operate HIVE (Home, Innovative and Virtual Education) - which is a range of provisions and services including teaching in the home and AV1 robots.


Our School Vision

'To be a beacon of excellence, providing high-quality education which enables children and young people with medical and mental health needs to achieve and experience success’

bedside learning


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